Who We Are

POSROC stands for Positive Rate Of Climb. It is an aviation term used to describe the vertical speed at a positive rate of altitude change with respect to time. It can applied to life, business, attitude, and a multitude of different aspirations.


We are a small, family owned online business based in Houston, TX


We specialize in electronic accessories using the best materials while delivering the highest performance for your devices.


Why Choose Us?

From the beginning of thinking about this company, we made it a point to find high quality products to sell to the consumer. We have endured countless hours of research, testing, and quality control to bring you the best products this market has to offer. Being aviators, we know what it takes to get something done and make it the best simply because even though flying is one of the most enjoyable experiences, accuracy and quality is critical. We have applied the same principles of making systematic decisions to coming up with our first product as we will in future products.